a la burroughs- poem 2

Secret Titles for a Painting

Chapel as studio, three parts
the audience stayed over
Audience waits in the picturesque
(in contrast to the hippie
surrounding forest.
Japanese gong
audience follows the actors inside.

with a white cloth, and chocolate and
King Kong at one end of the room
a Japanese tale
he removes his jacket
with a sharp blade
The blood pours

we have made
made in order to meet
to become "she"
become part of a fiction. The
acting and the real.
too deeply or the wrong way
very fast. There was a doctor

The version of the film that is
shown on television is not an
'uncut' one but an extended one
put together when the film was
first aired on ABC years ago, and
despite several discussions at
Paramount Home Video over the
years, nothing has become of its
release on video. Hopefully, one
of these years they will realize just
how many fans would enjoy
owning a copy of it!

(the name comes
from 'farengi', Portugese for 'an
unscrupulous trader or pirate')


cut-up poem, text from the backs of collage clippings used in a painting
(now hanging in the office of the Zuppa Circus theatre co., Halifax)

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