telling two to jump three



Well hello!  It's been so long since I've even signed in to Blogger that it took me ten minutes to learn how to post again.  & it'll likely be a good long while until I post here again.

That this post exists only to expand upon a Tweet pretty much explains where I've been.  For the latter half of 2009 and through 2010, I was blogging an image a day as a kind of 'abstract diary', (you can still take that post-by-post-photo-tour, beginning here) yet in 2008, I'd conceived of a blog entitled 'Shit That I Eat' - explained here - and never undertaken.

Yet ever since, the compulsion to photograph edibles hasn't left me, & I find myself with a hard drives' worth of food photography.  So I'm going to start Tweeting that shit.  That I eat.



No books, film, or television lists this year.  Only music.

Ten I liked, in abc order:

bon iver, bon iver

bonnie 'prince' billy, wolfroy goes to town

das racist, relax

explosions in the sky, take care, take care, take care

david lynch, crazy clown time

radiohead, the king of limbs

r.e.m., collapse into now

the roots, undun

the rural alberta advantage, departing

tv on the radio, nine types of light

ten disappointments:

wilco, the whole love
fleet foxes, helplessness blues
feist, metals
my morning jacket, circuital
bright eyes, the people's key
beastie boys, hot sauce committee part 2
red hot chili peppers, i'm with you
iron & wine, kiss each other clean
the strokes, angles
death cab for cutie, codes and keys

five that fell in between:

jay-z/kanye west, watch the throne
paul simon, so beautiful or so what
wild flag, wild flag
ryan adams, ashes and fire
eddie vedder, ukulele songs

one by a band I cannot, nor will I ever, abide:

the decemberists, the king is dead