the end of May



Male 1:
What do you want?

Male 2:
Where is he?

Male 1:
What's the point? Are you blind? He's gone!

Male 2:

Male 1:
Why answer your stupid question? You're nothing! You've done nothing!

Male 2:
Where did he go?

Male 1:
No idea. He talked... mumbled something about Inland Empire.




where in the world are you now

where's this guy going.

he ended up here

what was in his bag- note fucking archaic pre-iPod techno & only 12 carefully chosen CDs*

here's where he sat writing a bunch of shit this afternoon that won't be seen here.
more to come. there's a David Lynch festival here this week. none of you may ever see me again.

* Bright Eyes, Cassadaga, Julie Doiron, Woke Myself Up, Joni Mitchell, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Leonard Cohen, Songs From A Room and Various Positions, Anjani, Blue Alert, Arcade Fire, Neon Bible, Wilco, A Ghost Is Born, Great Lake Swimmers, Great Lake Swimmers and Bodies And Minds, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Letting Go, Jay Farrar, Terroir Blues. Not an un-depressing selection among them.