records what changed me

Not even necessarily favorites, in fact, but undeniable.


The Joshua Tree,
Hate this band now, but got this in my Christmas stocking at the time of its release and it opened things up.
Songs of Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen.
Found this on vinyl at a second-hand warehouse at just the right time, around 15/16 y.o.a.
Document, R.E.M.
Dubbed onto a tape for me by the great Eric Clem on my first and last hunting trip where he taught my brother & I how to shoot a rifle. Didn't get any rabbits or whatever (we ended up shooting wooden shingles w/ drawings of imaginary mafioso on them) but I still have the tape (b/w Blue Rodeo, Outskirts, I think) and only baught a CD copy of this last year. I remember thinking R.E.M. were British, for some reason because of Bill Berry wearing that ridiculous aviator's hat around.
Out Of Time, R.E.M.
Purchased on cassette at Sam the Record Man in New Minas, NS.
Nevermind, Nirvana
Yeah, yeah. Purchased same place, same format. I remember vivdly being at a house party the guitarist in our band was throwing and seeing the 'Teen Spirit' video across a crowded room- even then I could tell it was like nothing I'd ever heard, likely because the band and I were so into-
The Doors, The Doors
I wonder how many teenage boys still go through a distinct Jim Morrison phase. Dubbed for me by my father from an original vinyl copy.
Spiderland, Slint.
Purchased used on disc at Beatnick Records in Montreal.
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, Bright Eyes
Purchased at Sam the Record Man, Toronto
Bodies And Minds, Great Lake Swimmers
Purchased at Soundscapes, Toronto.

honorable, perhaps shameful, mention:

I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
, Sinead O'Connor
Depeche Mode
Watermark, Enya
I don't reckon I've listened to these in years, & am further loathe to include the latter recording as I was listening to it when I made a major life decision which I was later fuckin' talked out of by the one person who shouldn't have talked me out of it.

& some recent underappreciated classics that shouldn't be missed:

Son Volt
The Caution Horses, Cowboy Junkies
Joya, Will Oldham
Pine Box, Scud Mountain Boys
Blue Mountain, Blue Mountain

- this is bananas good. well they all are.

thank you for your time.
I hope the weather is as wicked where you are as it is here.


and there is, there is

chill, chill chill, he lets go
finds a wagon wheel in the snow
rolls it 'round till springtime
& stops thinking

stay still, wait,
more to come



.... so

LOve, and

Yr frnds,

BOIIIING, boing.


and... they're off

We all know what that means, right?

yee-haw. moving.

get movin', feet.