Great Canadian Breakfasts, Great Lake Swimmers

Every goddamned time I get it in my head to detail some fascination I find so idiosyncratically personal and obscure that it would have to make for an idiosyncratic and obscure blog, I Google it and find that half a dozen people have entire web pages on the subject. That's not gonna stop me though; I plan to write up some of my all-time favorite obscure books when time permits- & then refer you to entire blogs on the subject for further reading.

In the meantime, you'll have to make due with what my friend Jennie V had for breakfast in Montreal the other morning:

On that morning I believe I had fresh (from the freezer) Nova Scotian strawberries & local curds that match French Canada's any day (sorry, French Canada)- there's good eats to be found all over our fair country. Isn't that interesting?

While I can match Jennie for quality in the breakfast department, Montreal provided something for her and my buddy Jimmy that Nova Scotia can't at the moment- a show by the aforementioned Great Lake Swimmers. (they took photos, but they won't upload here, making this post even less interesting)
Their new record is out on the 25th. The last time they were through Montreal, I was there, as was Jennie in fact, as was some girl who fell right down the stairs at the intimate venue. I wrote a song about it.

Aaaaaand, goodnight.

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